Public Outreach

Public involvement is an integral aspect of any successful project. It allows a direct interaction between those developing a project and those who will be directly affected by it. Acceptance of a proposed project by the public largely depends on the consultant’s ability to clearly communicate and actively listen to the concerns of stakeholders. We consider and address the key engineering issues and concerns raised by the public and then work to alleviate these concerns.

Hoyle, Tanner is skilled in communicating with a variety of audiences including residents, business owners, interest groups, neighborhood leaders and local officials, including those that may be viewed as special populations, as well as state and federal agency representatives.

Public Outreach Services

  • Public Meeting Notification and Facilitation
  • Graphic Design
  • Post Public Meeting Documentation and Response
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Website Development, Maintenance and Comment Management
  • Coordination of Design Charrettes
  • Preparation of Newsletters, Mailings, Newspaper Advertisements and Press Releases

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