Historic bridges provide a unique set of evaluation, analysis and rehabilitation challenges to engineers as well Owners who may not be familiar with these structures. Hoyle, Tanner is a recognized leader in the evaluation, analysis and rehabilitation of historic bridges as well as the design of new, historically authentic replica bridges. Our staff have the requisite experience and knowledge to make these projects a success.

Our historic bridge experience includes covered bridges, steel trusses, stone arches, concrete rigid frames, jack arches and pedestrian suspension bridges. Knowledge of past design assumptions, construction practices and material properties are crucial to ensuring that unnecessary, expensive repairs are not made to the bridge.

Our bridge engineering staff consists of NBIS trained bridge inspectors, noted authors and presenters of historic bridge papers and engineers knowledgeable in historic bridge material properties and construction techniques. Our experts apply our extensive experience to the preservation of these iconic structures for modern day use. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our historic bridge projects and the specialized engineering services we provide.


  • NBIS Inspection
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Load Rating
  • Repair and Strengthening Design
  • Rehabilitation Design
  • NEPA Compliance Services
  • Bid and Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation

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