Wildlife Fence Construction

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Client: Pease Development Authority


  • Construction Administration
  • Design
  • Grant Administration
  • Permitting
  • Resident Inspection

Project Summary

The purpose of the project was to prevent wildlife from entering the airfield. Focusing on the East side of the airport approximately 10,000 linear feet of 8 foot high chain link fence was installed with barbed wire. In an effort to prevent wildlife from accessing the airfield by digging under the fence, an additional 7,500 linear feet of the fence was installed in turf one foot below grade with two feet of gravel on either side. The remainder of the fence was installed in bituminous/PCC pavement with a one inch tolerance to grade. A total of five new gates were installed and approximately 9,000 linear feet of existing fence was removed.

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