Water Distribution System Hydraulic Model

Citrus County, Florida

Client: Citrus County, Florida


  • CIP Planning
  • Hydraulic Modeling

Project Summary

Following the purchase of three Florida Government Utility Authority (FGUA) owned water distribution systems, Citrus County became the new of owner of twice as many linear feet of pipeline (over 275 miles) and five time as many water sources (water distribution / plants). In an attempt to determine the operation of its newly acquired systems, Hoyle, Tanner updated the County’s existing water hydraulic model to include the newly acquired distribution systems.

The hydraulic modeling involved a complete system update and calibration. Static and Extended Period Simulations identified areas within the new systems of deficient available fire flow and pressures. In areas where pressures/flows were not consistent during the calibration process, the hydraulic modeling alerted the County to distribution system piping discrepancies (record drawings/plans versus what was actually installed) and sections of the distribution system with partially or fully closed gate valves.

Based on the hydraulic analysis completed, a series of Capital Improvement Program projects were recommended (system gradient changes, water main extensions, etc.) in an attempt to rectify the deficiencies found. In addition, the hydraulic model was able to determine the exact nature/functionality and purpose of 8-pressure sustaining valves within one of the acquired systems, whose nature and true purpose were always unknown to the County.

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