Sewer & Water Main Replacement at the Business Park

Martha's Vineyard Airport
Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

Client: Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission


  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Design

Project Summary

Hoyle, Tanner designed and managed the construction of new utility services (sewer, electrical and water) at Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) business park. Over $1.2 million dollars were provided by the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission to begin developing a business park. The purpose was to make the airport an economically-viable and self-sufficient entity. The growth and development in the airport business park required additional infrastructure within and adjacent to the airport.

The infrastructure outside the immediate area of the airport business park and the new terminal area dates to the airport’s genesis as a US Navy WWII airfield. The majority of the water and sewer lines and sewer manholes are 50+ years old and date to the initial construction of the airport as a military facility. Consisting primarily of vitrified clay pipe set in shallow slopes, this system was at the end of its useful life.

The sewer line through the existing T-hangar development ran under one T-hangar and through the likely footprints of future T-hangars. Realignment and upgrade of this sewer line enabled more rational and efficient land use by placing the sewer in a public easement in such a manner as to maximize lot use and utility.

In order to minimize the impacts due to construction on air passenger operations and the impacts on retail businesses located within the air terminal building a combination of pipe bursting (trenchless technology) and traditional open cut construction were used to replace both water and gravity sewer lines. Hoyle, Tanner provided design, construction administration, and resident observation services for the replacement of approximately 2,900 L.F. of 8, 10, and 12-inch diameter gravity sewers and approximately 1,000 L.F. of existing 10-inch diameter ductile iron water main.

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