Facility Improvements

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport
Ormond Beach, Florida

Client: City of Ormond Beach, Florida


  • Construction Administration
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Planning
  • Resident Inspection

Project Summary

During the past 25 years Hoyle Tanner has provided Ormond Beach Municipal Airport with planning design and construction services for many airfield improvements. Taxiway Alpha existed as a non-standard taxiway due to the separation between the parallel runway not meeting current FAA standards for Design Group II aircraft. Hoyle Tanner’s design relocated the full length taxiway to meet the future Design Group II Approach Category C offsets.

Taxiway Echo was designed and constructed to remove an FAA determined “Hot Spot” which existed at the end of Runway 26. The new taxiway removed the condition causing confusion to pilots traversing the runway to gain access to the north end of the airfield.

Taxiway Charlie was designed and constructed to rehabilitate the deteriorated pavement and to raise the surface a total of 6” due to existing drainage conditions. The existing pavement was pulverized and additional limerock added to create a flexible base course. A new Heliport was designed, permitted and constructed to allow for the growth of the existing helicopter flight school that exists on the airport. The new heliport is a 12” concrete pad with flush mounted approach lighting.

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