National Life Parking Garage Wash Area Repair

Montpelier, Vermont

Client: National Life Group


  • Condition Assessment
  • Construction Administration
  • Final Design

Project Summary

Hoyle, Tanner performed a structural inspection of the National Life Parking Garage structure documenting areas of deterioration. We then prepared a report that summarized these damaged/degraded conditions within the structure, and provided repair alternatives for each location with associated construction cost estimates.

National Life Group contracted Hoyle, Tanner to design the repairs that were critical for restoring the top deck of the parking structure due to snow removal damage, operational wear and tear, design flaws, and failed repair work.  The most critical areas were identified as the expansion joints, double tee flange to flange connectors, and cast-in-place wash which is a vital piece of the roof drainage. Our team prepared plans, specifications, and detailed cost estimates. We provided oversight during the construction of the repairs to ensure project specifications were followed and the Owner’s interests were kept.  Our commitment to the project, design creativity, and thorough understanding of the repair methods and best practices ensured the successful completion of this project with highly visible improvements to the performance of the structure.

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