Main Street Redesign Intersection Improvements

Concord, New Hampshire

Client: Concord 2020


  • Capacity Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Downtown/Streetscape Design
  • Intersection Design/Analysis
  • Public Outreach/Participation Coordination

Project Summary

The goal of the Downtown Legacy Project – Main Street redesign – was to develop a community consensus design concept for Main Street that would maximize on-street parking, improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation and safety, provide universal accessibility and improve the streetscape and amenities while preserving and enhancing the historic character and economic vitality of the Concord downtown.

The project area is a 12 block section of Main Street, with the focus on North Main Street from Centre Street to Pleasant Street and South Main Street from Pleasant Street to Storrs Street. As the state capital, Concord’s Main Street core, North Main Street from Centre to Pleasant Street, retains a symbolic representation as the heart of New Hampshire. The Hoyle, Tanner team explored the feasibility of viable design concepts developed from previous studies; developed additional design concepts; undertook an economic analysis that included focus groups, intercept surveys, case studies and a demographic profile; took the findings and, through an intensive public process, developed a Community Consensus Design. The outcome provided implementation strategies to preserve and enhance the economic vitality of downtown and create a Main Street that is a destination for residents and visitors alike.

The resulting 3-lane concept with angled parking on both sides of the street and equal width sidewalks provides the best balance between vehicular circulation, pedestrian safety improvements, and streetscape opportunities to enhance the economic vitality of the downtown area.

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