Leonardo Trotman Drive/TuTu Mall Pathway and Library Design

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Client: Virgin Islands Department of Public Works


  • Roadway and Grading Collection System
  • Roadway Design
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Signage
  • Storm Drainage Collection System
  • Traffic Study & Analysis
  • Turn Lane Design
  • Water and Sewer Utility Design

Project Summary

The project included design of three new roadways: Leonardo Trotman Drive, Tutu Mall Pathway, and Library Connector Road. Once constructed, the roadways will help relieve congestion on surrounding roadways, reduce travel times for drivers, increase pedestrian connectivity, improve access and response time for emergency vehicles, and enhance quality of life for area residents. The roadways will provide a direct connection to the new Regional Library and Records Center.

To design the roadways, the team studied, developed, and refined the roadway alignments within the proposed corridors, considering issues such as safety, roadway capacity, grading and drainage, erosion control, environmentally sensitive areas, and cost. Using the refined alignments, Hoyle, Tanner prepared preliminary plans to the extent necessary to prepare environmental, archeological, and traffic studies. Hoyle, Tanner analyzed the traffic in the corridor to determine the effects from traffic diverted from existing roads onto the proposed roadways and revealed existing design issues and recommended improvements for the design plans.

Final construction plans were prepared including deisgn of storm drainage inlets and pipes, turn lanes, signage and striping, roadway grading and cross-sections, and water and sanitary sewer plans.

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