Leland Road Wellfield Expansion

West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Client: Town of West Brookfield, Massachusetts


  • Bidding Administration
  • Construction Administration
  • Design
  • Permitting

Project Summary

The West Brookfield Water Department is expanding its water supply by adding wells and a new treatment facility at an existing well site. Four new wells replace the old, existing well and a building added to house the chemical feed, electrical and control systems. The well water is treated with calcium hypochlorite and potassium hydroxide. The building includes a control room and laboratory.

The proposed pumping system was changed from a vertical-turbine can pump to submersible pumps in the new wells. The submersible pumps are much less expensive and provide better operator flexibility and well control. These pumps are widely used for municipal wells and provide positive pumping discharge for each well. The replacement with submersible pumps saved the municipality over $100,000 in anticipated construction costs and operate more efficiently by improving the chemical feed operations and optimizing the individual well performance.

Although the site is permitted for an average withdrawal of 510 gpm, the new wells are capable of triple that flow rate. The well water quality is much better than the Town’s other well source. This wellfield will provide the Town with plenty of excellent quality water for many years to come.

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