Laurel Hill South Neighborhood Flood Mitigation Alternatives

South Burlington, Vermont

Client: City of South Burlington, Vermont


  • Existing Drainage Information Analysis
  • Flood Mitigation Alternatives Identification & Evaluation
  • Public Outreach/Participation Coordination
  • Sub-Watershed Area Hydraulic Modeling

Project Summary

The Laurel Hill South (LHS) neighborhood consists of approximately 140 single family residences on lots of approximately 1/3 acre in size. The neighborhood was constructed in the 1960’s and has experienced ongoing flooding problems. Some lawns and basements are flooded almost annually. Multiple factors contribute to this problem with the main reason being the poor conveyance of stormwater through the existing drainage pipe network. Hoyle, Tanner was hired by the City of South Burlington to conduct a flood mitigation alternatives investigation in the LHS neighborhood. This evaluation included the review of existing information regarding the LHS stormwater collection system, the conductance of a comprehensive site visit and the development of a hydraulic stormwater model in an effort to identify and gauge the effectiveness of various flood mitigation alternatives. In addition to preparing a final report presenting the findings of this effort, Hoyle, Tanner and City staff members met with concerned representatives from the LHS neighborhood to discuss and receive input on the results of this alternatives investigation.

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