Facility Improvements

Kissimmee Gateway Airport
Kissimmee, Florida

Client: Kissimmee Gateway Airport


  • Construction Management
  • Design
  • Grant Administration
  • Permitting
  • Planning
  • Resident Inspection

Project Summary

For over 20 years Hoyle Tanner has teamed with the Kissimmee Gateway Airport on many facility improvements. These projects include the construction of a hold apron for Runway 24 and the realignment/widening of Taxiway Bravo. This enhancement provided capacity for Design Group D-III aircraft in the future, as per the approved Master Plan and alleviated capacity problems on the cross-wind Runway 6-24.

Hoyle, Tanner also completed the design, permitting, and construction of an aviation fuel farm. The new fuel farm consisted of one 20,000 gallon double wall Jet-A tank, one 12,000 gallon AvGas double wall tank, all necessary equipment, secondary containments, and associated site work to comply with all permits required by governing agencies. The project also included the removal of six existing underground (UG) storage tanks.

Hoyle, Tanner also conducted the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) funded Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) study which was the first step in the process to site and construct a replacement tower. This recommended site provided the ability to construct the shortest possible ATCT that meets all siting criteria with enough space for security setback and the ability for future facility expansion. This study also required the submittal of a Safety Risk Management Document (SRMD) which was included as part of the final siting study report. The siting study was approved by the FAA in September 2012.

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