Intermunicipal Interceptor Sewer Replacement

Worcester, Massachusetts

Client: Cherry Valley Sewer District


  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Design
  • Intermunicipal Agreement Negotiations
  • Modeling
  • Permitting & Approvals
  • Study

Project Summary

Hoyle, Tanner developed a comprehensive hydraulic model for the South Main Street, Cambridge Street interceptor sewers in the area from the Leicester/Worcester town line to the Webster Square area. The model used the latest Haested Methods software available to generate, both numerically and graphically, the impact of the Cherry Valley Sewer District (CVSD) design year wastewater flows on the City of Worcester’s sanitary sewer system.

The model indicated those sewer lines that must be upgraded to convey the CVSD’s flows through the City of Worcester to the Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District’s wastewater treatment facility for treatment and disposal. Hoyle, Tanner used flow meter information, provided by the City, and in conjunction with the City’s record sewer drawings, updated the actual sewer inverts and length by conducting a full survey of the sewers impacted by the CVSD flows.

This project also included the replacement of approximately 850 feet of an existing aged major interceptor sewer in downtown Worcester as part of the Intermunicipal Agreement between the Cherry Valley Sewer District (Leicester, MA) and the City of Worcester for wastewater transport and treatment. The services provided by Hoyle, Tanner included, hydraulic modeling, design, permitting, approvals, environmental permitting, traffic management planning, Intermunicipal Agreement negotiations, prequalification of construction contractors, bidding, construction administration, resident construction observation and funding assistance. The construction work included bypass pumping of up to 12 million gallons/day of wastewater flow as well as significant night work to minimize the impacts to businesses and residents.

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