Install New Runway 10 REILS and Remove Existing MASLF

Block Island State Airport
Block Island, Rhode Island

Client: Rhode Island Airport Corporation


  • Construction Management
  • Design
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Permitting
  • Resident Inspection

Project Summary

This project included the removal and replacement of the aging MALSF system to Runway 10 at Block Island State Airport. The first phase of the project required a field investigation, survey and preparation of a preliminary design report. This report indicated that the existing system did not comply with current FAA standards for a MALSF system. Hoyle, Tanner’s preliminary design concluded that a significant amount of material would need to be removed from the top of the nearby hill in order to meet FAA slope criteria for MALSF. In addition project permitting indicated that an endangered species, American Burying Beetle, was found to occupy the project site location. Additionally a study of wind/weather conditions at both ends of the runway based on ten years of weather data was completed to determine the benefit of the MALSF. Based on the potential environmental impact to the American Burying Beetle and the results of the wind/weather analysis it was determined that a REIL system could adequately replace the MALSF system and the scale of the project parameters was subsequently reduced. Ultimately the final design incorporated the removal of the existing MASLF system with minimal construction impacts and the installation of a new REIL system within the airport operations area.

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