Hawk Hall

University of Hartford
West Hartford, Connecticut

Client: Cutler Associates, Inc.


  • Engineering for Design-Build
  • New Building Design

Project Summary

Cramped, aging dormitories on the residential side of the University of Hartford campus lacked a central gathering space that was convenient to student living and would enhance student life. To address these issues, a new 56,000 sf, five-story dormitory was planned on a strategic (but tight) site, with a limited construction budget and a short construction schedule. Design challenges included a programmatic layout that did not stack at all floors, and short floor to floor heights which limited HVAC layout options.

Closely coordinating with the architectural space planning, Hoyle, Tanner designed a mixture of steel braced frames and moment frames to allow for open community spaces at the ground floor. The project was delivered using design-build, which allowed for integration of construction planning issues in the structural design. Hoyle, Tanner worked out field coordination issues as much as possible during design, in advance of construction.

Design and construction were successfully completed in a short 16 month project schedule, as planned. The new residential and community spaces, in conjunction with an adjacent existing student commons building, effectively create a new plaza and a vibrant center for student life on the campus.

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