Farrell Street/Potash Brook Stormwater Improvements

South Burlington, Vermont

Client: City of South Burlington, Vermont


  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Contract Document Preparation
  • Permit & Land Acquisition Coordination
  • Preliminary & Final Designs
  • Roadway Design

Project Summary

The City of South Burlington needed to replace a severely deteriorated and undersized culvert that carries Potash Brook beneath Farrell Street. As part of the road reconstruction, the City also wanted to provide stormwater treatment for runoff from approximate 40 adjacent acres that discharges into Potash Brook in the vicinity of the Farrell Street crossing.

Hoyle, Tanner evaluated several culvert replacement options as well as various stormwater treatment alternatives. Based on this evaluation, an aluminum box culvert was chosen to replace the existing deteriorated culvert. A wet extended detention pond, Bioretention facility, proprietary underground hydrodynamic treatment practice and pervious pavement products were selected to maximize stormwater treatment opportunities in this area.

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