Dimond Library Sidewalks and Staircase

University of New Hampshire
Durham, New Hampshire

Client: University System of New Hampshire


  • Construction Administration
  • Curvilinear Staircase Design
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Sidewalk Design

Project Summary

Hoyle, Tanner designed improvements to the existing Dimond Library sidewalks, as well as a curvilinear stairway. The design of the new sidewalks included concrete and vertical granite curbing, concrete section design, scoring patterns, detectable warning devices, crosswalk interface, bank stabilization and drainage improvements. The Dimond Library stairway and sidewalk was challenging in respect to the curvilinear layout, existing steep slopes and close proximity to College Brook. The stairway was in need of replacement due to lack of suitable base materials and drainage, which had allowed the granite step slabs to shift over time. Hoyle, Tanner provided a design that supported the granite slabs with concrete poured step walls, ensuring a solid structure built to last. Each set of stairs had its own under-drain system that tied into a main drainage line parallel with the stairway. Bidding services, construction oversight and contractor coordination was also provided for this project.

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