Construct Taxiways D & E, Reconstruct Taxiway F

Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport
Trenton, Maine

Client: Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport


  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Design
  • Grant Administration
  • Permitting

Project Summary

Taxiway D and E at Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport formed a triangle at the end of Runway 35 that the FAA deemed confusing to pilots and therefore unsafe. In 2010 temporary modifications were made to the pavement markings to allow aircraft to maneuver in a safe manner until the funding was in place to construct a parallel taxiway compliant with current FAA criteria.

The objective of this project was to relocate and construct Taxiways D and E to improve the safety of the intersection with Runway 17-35. The current location of the taxiways required aircraft located in the hangars along Taxiway C, to taxi out onto Runway 35 in order to continue to Taxiway A. This project realigned the taxiways so that Taxiway D is parallel to Runway 35, thus avoiding any runway incursions by taxiing aircraft.

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