Construct Hangar & Apron

Jackman, Maine

Client: Town of Jackman, Maine


  • Construction Observation
  • Design
  • Inspection
  • Permitting

Project Summary

This project was a result of a master plan update which included a business plan for the airport. The Airport Layout Plan and CIP proposed construction of a nested T-hangar for Airport revenue generation. In addition to the T-hangars, the airport expressed an interest in a 60’ x 60’ hangar site for a potential private hangar developer. This required design and permitting on state and federal level. During the design and permitting for the state, previously unpermitted improvements were discovered which required additional stormwater quality treatment capacity to be incorporated into the design. The site for the T-hangars, taxilane, aprons, and private hangar site impacted wetlands and two vernal pools required mitigation according to MaineDEP and the Army Corps of Engineers. The FAA required an Environmental Assessment to be completed in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). A finding of no significant impact (FONSI) was determined by the FAA and a wetland mitigation plan was approved. The acceptable mitigation involved permanently protecting similar nearby wetland and vernal pool resources by purchasing land and transferring a permanent conservation easement to the Forest Society of Maine (FSM) along with a stewardship endowment for the FSM to conduct inspections to confirm protection of the resources. The Town, with FAA and State financial support, purchased approximately 100 acres of suitable vernal pools and wetlands. Parcel boundaries were surveyed and an approximately 40 acre conservation easement was developed. The balance of the parcel along the Moose River will be retained by the Town for future mitigation needs. Economic benefits from this new hangar included construction activity, rent revenue, and potential for lease & tax revenue.

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