Citywide Pump Station Evaluation

Rochester, New Hampshire

Client: City of Rochester, New Hampshire


  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Design
  • Evaluation

Project Summary

As part a study Hoyle, Tanner completed for the City of Rochester, 25 pump stations were evaluated, recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement were provided to the City, and 4 of the stations were subsequently selected for upgrade/replacement based on the most critical needs. The purpose of the I/I and SSES is to systematically examine the City’s wastewater collection system to determine the specific location, estimated flow contribution, method and cost of rehabilitation for major I/I sources, and to determine a cost-effective program of rehabilitation to substantially reduce the amount of I/I entering the sewer collection system. Further, the team is evaluating alternatives to reduce and/or eliminate major surcharging in the sewer system in the short term, as well as a long term program to cost-effectively remove I/I.

Upgrade of the four pump stations is necessary to replace aging equipment, restore system reliability, maintain hydraulic capacity and improve safety by eliminating or minimizing confined space entry requirements. We were able to maximize the extent to which existing facilities were reused thereby keeping the total project cost to a minimum.

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