Campbell Street Roundabout

Manchester, New Hampshire

Client: City of Manchester, New Hampshire


  • Capacity Analysis
  • Intersection Design/Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Roundabout Design
  • Traffic Control Plans/Flow
  • Traffic Study & Analysis

Project Summary

The project is comprised of three intersections, in close proximity to each other, in a high traffic volume area. The main goal of the project is to improve traffic operations and provide a long-term solution to traffic congestion in an area where capacity is comprised of commercial and residential development access.

The project area is in close proximity to I-93; Livingston Park; Dorr’s Pond; Goldfish Pond and Northside Plaza. The intersection improvements involve the Campbell Street/Route 3 intersection; the Campbell Street/Hamel Drive intersection; and the Bicentennial Drive/Hamel Drive intersection.

Hoyle, Tanner prepared and presented several alternatives early on to the City and residents and compared the cost and benefit of each. New traffic counts were taken to determine which alternative will provide the best operational and safety enhancement. In this case, a roundabout is proposed to combine two intersections into a single intersection (Campbell/Hamel) as well as widening on Route 3 to accommodate an additional thru lane.

Environmental coordination and mitigation are also key components of the project. An unnamed brook, deemed environmentally sensitive, flows through the project. Hoyle Tanner worked on behalf of the City to coordinate with planning, state and federal agencies to comply with environmental regulations and has provided an innovative, first in the City “roundabout” solution. Hoyle, Tanner has also assisted the City in coordinated with agencies to pursue additional funding sources.

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