Bridge Street Pump Station Upgrade & Mill Brook Siphon Replacement

Windsor, Vermont

Client: Town of Windsor, Vermont


  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Engineering Evaluation and Report
  • Final Design
  • Funding Assistance
  • Permitting

Project Summary

The Windsor Main wastewater collection, pumping and treatment system encompasses a sewer system serving over 3600 residents four (4) pump stations and a 1.13 MGD wastewater treatment facility(WWTF) utilizing the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) secondary treatment process. The existing WWTF was upgraded in 1988 to secondary treatment from a 1966 primary WWTF. Hoyle, Tanner & Associates was retained by the Town to perform a comprehensive evaluation and preliminary engineering study of the entire wastewater collection and treatment system under a Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation ( DEC) loan program. Early in the Evaluation Phase of the Study, it became apparent that some components of the infrastructure were in critical need of refurbishment upgrade before the scheduled construction of all components recommended for improvement in the comprehensive report. Therefore Hoyle Tanner went to work on early completion of preliminary design of several segments of the collection system and one major pump station. Among the most urgent of these were the complete refurbishment upgrade of the systems main pump station, the Bridge Street Pump Station, and the replacement of a 100 year old, single barrel siphon structure under Mill Brook. To accommodate these immediate needs, the Hoyle Tanner team assisted the Town with early funding source application eligibility to both USDA Rural Development and Vermont DEC / Vermont Bond Bank Loan Programs.

To date, Hoyle Tanner has provided the Town of Windsor with preliminary and final design engineering, geotechnical and survey services and financial assistance on a multi-project infrastructure improvement program consisting of the following:

• Updating and revising the Sewer Use Ordinance to better manage future system use, existing operation and regulation – Completed 2010. • Design and construction of the $1.6 M Bridge Street Pump Station Upgrade, and Mill Brook Siphon Replacement Project – Construction Completion 2013. • Field evaluations and report for a $1.1 M Sewer Separation/Stormwater Removal Project – Report Completion 2013. • Evaluation, Preliminary Engineering and Comprehensive Report for a $12 M WWTF Upgrade, and recommendation for four (4)pump station upgrades and collection system rehabilitation – Report Completion 2013.

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