Andover-Danbury 3 Bridge Rehabilitations

Andover-Danbury, New Hampshire

Client: New Hampshire Department of Transportation


  • Inspection
  • Design Contract Drawings

Project Summary

This bridge maintenance and preservation project included repairs to three bridges in Andover and Danbury. The bridge included bridge No. 44/088 carrying NH Route 11 over the Pleasant Stream in Andover (a two span steel stringer bridge), bridge no. 120/092 carrying Route 4 over the Blackwater River in Andover (a single span concrete tee beam bridge) and bridge no 178/091 carrying US Route 4 over the (abandoned) NH Railroad in Danbury (a single span steel through plate girder).

Each bridge was thoroughly inspected and recommendations made for repairs. A presentation was made to the Towns detailing the repairs, construction schedule and limited impacts to traffic. The repairs typically included removal of pavement and membrane replacement, partial and full depth concrete repairs, joint replacement and limited approach pavement removal and replacement. In addition, the US Route 4 bridge in Andover included extensive approach guardrail improvements and the US Route 4 bridge in Danbury included steel repairs and complete repainting.

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