Airfield Pavement and Drainage System Restoration

Portsmouth International Airport
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Client: Pease Development Authority


  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Design

Project Summary

The 60 year old Portland Concrete Cement (PCC) apron at New Hampshire Air National Guard was suffering from Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR). This reaction has caused the pavements to swell over time, leading to shoving and buckling of adjacent pavements and underground structures. In addition, a number of underground utility structures have been shoved by the action of ASR and needed to be structurally repaired, along with repair of underground pipe joints that have also failed. The design intent was to remediate the buckling pavement by milling, grinding, removing and overlaying (PCC) and/or reconstruction in numerous areas of bituminous concrete pavements throughout the airfield. In concert with pavement reconstruction, isolation joints were installed in various areas to minimize future damage from ASR forces. The design also involved the removal of confined areas of rigid PCC pavement surrounding approximately 40 different drainage and electrical structures on the airfield apron, replacement of these areas with bituminous concrete pavement, and installation of isolation joints to minimize future damage from ASR forces.

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