New to the drone community, Ryan Hayden, EIT, is our latest FAA Section 107 Remote Pilot (drone) Operator. Ryan, who works in our Transportation Services Group, will use his certification to fly drones for projects company-wide as-needed.

Ryan joins our growing team of drone pilots with his new certification. His interest in drones stemmed from a field experience with another pilot. He was intrigued by a new opportunity to learn more, and it was his chance to get outside and explore new areas of interest. Once he started going in the field more frequently and observing the drone 400 feet in the air, he quickly knew he wanted to learn more. He saw the behind-the-scenes action of processing drone photos and videos and his interest in flying increased.

When his chance finally came to fly different types of drones and see a project from start to finish, he knew he wanted to get his license. Recently, at the National Flight Simulator school in Manchester, New Hampshire he passed his exam with high marks.  Join us in congratulating Ryan on his special achievement.