Hoyle, Tanner’s staff are as diverse as our services. Their business experiences, education and interests shape the firm’s culture. Our team members, each having a unique set of talents, are instrumental in providing a full range of service capabilities.

Matthew Low, PE

Senior Vice President
Director of Engineering Operations

LinkedIn (603) 460-5188 Email

Michelle Carrozzella

Treasurer, Controller
& Assistant Secretary

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Robert Furey, PE

Senior Vice President
Regional Manager-Northeast Aviation Services

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Douglas Norman

Senior Vice President
Regional Manager-Southeast Aviation Services

LinkedIn (321) 587-4355 Email

Todd Clark, PE

Senior Vice President
Regional Manager-Northeast Transportation Services

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Sean James, PE

Senior Vice President
Regional Manager-Northeast Bridge Services

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Judy Donovan Hann

Vice President
Director-Corporate & Human Resources

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Joseph Ducharme, Jr., PE, BCEE

Vice President
Regional Manager-Northeast Environmental Services

LinkedIn (603) 460-5160 Email

William Davidson, PE

Vice President
Regional Manager-Northeast Land Development Services

LinkedIn (603) 413-0269 Email

Andrew Sturgeon, PLS

Vice President
Regional Business Manager-Maine

LinkedIn (207) 805-8248 Email

Jean Mongillo, PE

Vice President
Manager-Aviation Services Business Development

LinkedIn (978) 252-3717 Email

Jon Olin, PE

Vice President
Regional Business Manager-Vermont

LinkedIn (802) 489-7364 Email

David Langlais, PE

Regional Business Manager-Massachusetts

LinkedIn (978) 252-3625 Email

Nichole Davis

Creative & Development Director

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